My Casper Wyoming Search

I don’t want to be precise in where I searched as it’s still viable, but just wanted to share somethings about the town. We know this area was too far for him to walk and he waited for Skippy to come back. I wonder where it was he waited and what did he see around here. He talks about thinking about his lot in life. So I wonder if this was a life changing moment for him. We know he was cold here also. I think the biggest lesson in his book is how he “shut the door on that relationship” and I’m going to take that lesson with me the rest of my life. His words are always so profound to me. That really has nothing to do with the solve, but it’s one of my favorite things he’s said in his book.

I was able to decipher the poem in a way and use it to get to some different places here. There are a few things that I believe lead you here with subtle clues. For one, the town of Casper is named after a guy who’s name is Caspar, but the town name was spelled wrong. Forrest has things spelled wrong in his book like dollars and knowledge. If you ask a child….would a child be familiar with the name Casper? Casper is the name of a marvel(gaze) character and so is Thor. I found a video online that talks about Casper and two places that seem to fit the poem are the Echo Chamber(listen good), and the Hidden Clock(Time Magazine). They talk about something called The Egg Beater and I know he talks about breakfast. It’s also a place that’s “in the middle”.

He has the gambling poem about poker and the first thing that ever made me realize is that there’s a Las Vegas, NM. That is the way up to this town and I’ve heard he would go to Sheridan every year for a week and this is on the way there. He also says “please my ghost”. There is a horseshoe bar here and if you look at the sign, the double omegas look just like the horseshoes. I don’t think that’s a real clue as he wouldn’t be able to predict it to be there for that long, but I could see it making him laugh. I wondered something about this area…that bar is on an old road.

Something else I found interesting is that I used the numbers to get to one location that was marked with a sign. After using this sign over and over in our solve, we realized the sign was a mistake and not accurate. I don’t want to get into more detail about that(sorry)….but I found that an interesting thing with all the inaccuracies we believe might be in the book and wonder if there is an actual reason for them. While researching the town, there’s a piece of land that’s actually owned by a foundation that I believe could be important. I thought if it was ever found by the land owners…would he want it to go to a place that’s a good cause? Is it possible he helped start the foundation some how? I thought maybe since he mentions Cody and we would all learn he was a board member at that Historical Center….maybe we would put that together with him being part of this foundation.

Then there’s the trails which I believe he eludes to in a lot of different ways including the blaze as you do that on a trail. Here’s a great link to a place that explains the trails. I went here with a friend and it’s a great little museum to check out. The volunteers that work here are so much fun to chat with. When you walk in, you see this wall that has a replica of Register Cliff that’s in Guernsey which was another place I thought it could be. So the idea that this replica is in Casper I felt could be a hint. I thought that those signatures looked like “postmarks” with the names and dates and many are circled.


Also, speaking of trails….he mentions if Robert Redford ever wrote a book. So many have mentioned he did write a book called The Outlaw Trail. I thought maybe that could be a reference to trails. Does anyone see Forrest’s humor there in that Redford played Gatsby? Forrest is so witty/funny.
If anyone knows how the poem could be deciphered, please don’t reveal that.

Register Cliff

My last trip out West I really thought I had the perfect location. Register Cliff in Wyoming.

I had a good friend who joined me on the trip after I had a falling out with one of my best friends(sad). I rented a car and we took off. It was a lot of fun going with a girlfriend. We blasted the 70s station the whole time.

So this is my thoughts for why the dates are important even if he didn’t come up with the idea itself to put them into a stamp.

He talks about collecting autographs and having that “depth” of imagination(they are engraved). This is a place along the trails where people would engrave their names into the sandstone along with the date they were there. There’s a man made “cave” that wouldn’t have been considered a structure in my opinion from the definition that I thought it could have been in. The cave was made for cold storage for food. It was probably 50 miles out of the way down a road and wondered if it was the “school house” as there was writing over the doorway. In order to go inside this cave, you had to be a bit brave and go through the wood(en) fence that was just implied you shouldn’t go in. There wasn’t a sign that said not to. Inside there were swallow nests all in the ceiling which was pretty cool. They some how dig these holes in the sandstone and nest there. We did use a flashlight as the back area was in shadow and a bit dark. There also was a picnic table out front if you wanted to eat a sandwich. The floor of the cave is a ashy, sandy mix and you can dig into it probably a foot. We metal detected though and didn’t find anything. I did see signatures inside. One I believed could have been an FF and I also saw one that was Ford.


Outside this area is the River and we checked over there too. There was a cement post in the ground for the pony express and people had put their initials in the cement. One was for sure an FF that was front and center(Was this you Forrest?). We looked all around there, but didn’t find anything in the trees.


Down the road from this area is a state park with a mountain you go up. At the very top is a castle that an organization built. It’s pretty neat. There’s also a sandy beach below the “castle area”.


There’s also an area nearby that you can hike around and see the ruts from the pioneers. The ruts carved out paths through the sandstone and so it really brings the history to life being able to walk through them and touch them.


We didn’t find it and decided to just do some sight seeing after being here…went up to YNP and into the Big Horn Mountains… we really had a great time.

The cold storage cave

The FF engraved into the cement

A sample signature

A sample signature

Inside the cold storage cave. It actually turns to the left a bit.

Inside the cold storage cave. It actually turns to the left a bit.

My friend over by the river which is across the road

Me in rut (lol what symbolism here)

The castle ontop of the mountain


Someone’s secret







Could La Nina be warm waters halting?

One of my searches included La Nina. Maybe I was thinking too big though. La Nina which means “little girl”. He calls the little girl in Borders “little girl” where he goes alone. I had two places where I started…I’m only going to talk about the one I searched because I don’t like just throwing out searches that haven’t been searched. I started in LA where the Old Spanish Trail started. There’s a mission there. The San Gabriel Mission. I felt you’d start there and the warm water halts at the mountain range just to the east of there. You go past the Grand Canyon, below the home of brown(Utah) where John Brown a pioneer to the Mormans(all the religious talk)lived. The Mormans used this trail. Also, I felt it could relate to Brown’s Hole which was referenced in the Redford book The Outlaw Trail. Meek was the Moab desert. You also followed the Colorado River and he mentions so many colors that I thought that was a clue about that river…red, green, black, white, purple, yellow. Then you got to the heavy loads which were the Rockies and water high you got to the Rio Grande. You took that to where the trail ends which is at The San Gabriel Mission(you end where you started, but it looks different) in Espanola. Where is it? There’s a replica there, but that’s not the original. We searched and asked and finally found someone who knew where the original was. It was up on a hill off a road by a bridge that was on Indian land(brave), but had public access. There was a cross and a memorial there and there were woods nearby. We went down to the woods down where he’d go fishing maybe and searched all over while making sure the blaze(cross) was in our line of sight. We didn’t find it though. 101_0263

Over to the right is a very wooded area.

Come to chasechat Also Forrest says……

I started this a while ago, but I didn’t want to take people away from Dals blog. So now that Dal has said he doesn’t want to do the moderating of a discussion group, I’ve decided to open it up again to people wanting to talk about Forrest’s treasure and just hang out with like minded people. I hope anyone and everyone will come by and chat or feel free to lurk and laugh.

It’s at

Forrest has said that the next clue will be on The Today Show on the 17th possibly, but before the end of the month for sure. Also, Dal is on vacation looking for the treasure.

A search by Steven Shultz and his family

This search was done by Steven Shultz who was nice enough to give his permission to post it for others to see.
Well my family vacation to Yellowstone is now complete. We traveled 8 days for 4,440 miles through 10 states, saw Mt Rushmore, Custer’s Last Stand, Yellowstone, Cody WY, Thermopolis WY, and visit my son in Colorado Springs. In all we had a great time. And of course I did a little treasure hunting, but came up empty. As I promised, I will now share my solution to Mr Fenn’s poem.
CLUE #1 Begin it where warm waters halt
(FF fell in love with Yellowstone; Yellowstone noted for geysiers and hot springs; Begin = first; First hot spring from Gardiner, MT (northern entrance to Yellowstone; specifically noted in book) is Mammoth Hot Springs; in Journal of a Trapper by Osborne Russell he noted how the waters from “Hourly Geysier” (Old Faithful) turned cold as soon as the water drained from the geysier)
CLUE #2 And take it in the canyon down,
(Mammoth Hot Springs ends in a lake, then into Clematis Creek, then into Gardner River. Gardner Canyon runs along Gardner River)
CLUE #3 Not far, but too far to walk.
(drive your car to the footbridge over Gardner river)
CLUE #4 Put in below the home of Brown
(Put in= enter; enter the footbridge: the start of the lava creek trail; below the home of Brown=
Brown, Joe Joe Brown discovered gold in Bear Gulch, near the park’s northern border east of Gardiner, MT in 1866. It was reported that he took out $8,000 in gold that year. He discovered gold ore on Crevasse Mountain in the 1870’s and sold out to George Eaton in 1885, who built the first quartz mill in the district. A trail up Dome Mountain, near Yankee Jim Canyon, is named after Brown.
CLUE #5 From there it’s no place for the meek,
(meek = timid, weak; Lava Creek Trail; a nature trail is hard to do)
CLUE #6 The end is ever drawing nigh;
(not a clue – the end is drawing near)
CLUE #7 There’ll be no paddle up your creek,
(Lava Creek Trail – no need for a paddle to walk the trail)
CLUE #7a Just heavy loads and water high.
(heavy loads = weighed down with emotional importance; “The Thrill of the Chase” – water high = Undine Falls: Undine is a watery nymph from Greek mythology (like the gypsies in one of his stories??))
CLUE #8 If you’ve been wise and found the blaze
(NPS trail markers are a orange diamond; blaze = torch)
CLUE #9 Look quickly down, your quest to cease,
(At a specific trail marker on lava creek trail; #65?(post mark on teasure chest is June 5th))
To my dismay the trails in Yellowstone are not marked in any way, so I did not have a proper solution to the blase clue. I quess I need to work on that one and try again some day.

Good luck to all who is still trying to “solve” the chase!

Meeting our new friend in the woods

We just got back from our 19th trip out West. We didn’t find the chest, but had an experience that we will treasure forever. Jeff and I got to our spot and started hiking around in the woods. I found my area and took out my metal detector which Jeff is not really happy about me using after that man got arrested while digging. He’s concerned we’ll end up the next story. I was concentrating on a stump that I felt could have been hollow when someone said hi. My heart stopped and so did Jeff’s I’m sure. It was a young guy who definitely wasn’t a ranger. *whew* 

He was a young  guy. We introduced ourselves. His name was Keith. He asked what we were doing and I said we were just looking for trinkets. We chatted a bit and I really clicked with him. He said he didn’t live too far and did we want a little tour of the area. Heck yeah! You could tell that wasn’t something he ever did, but you could also tell that he didn’t want us to leave.  I wouldn’t have normally felt comfortable following a stranger in the woods…but I just knew he wasn’t a serial killer($bill lol). He ended up telling us his life story. He lives alone in the family cabin and mentioned that he’s lonely, but is grateful he has his animals for company.  He took us all the way back to his house and even offered us something to drink…even after he had told us he’s living on $200 a month and food stamps. He had lost his job not that long ago. He was dating a girl for 3 years and was planning to get married, when she left him for his roommate. He has no way to be reached. No email, No cell phone, no mail even. His cabin is small, and he uses solar panels and water he gets from a spring. He showed us his rig for taking showers. He has a big hose that’s wound up in the yard that holds water to warm up in the sun, then has a hose coming off it that’s raised up by some wood to flow down on him. He said we’d be surprised how warm it can get. He told us also about how he’s trying to save the fruit trees nearby by getting more water to them. He’s thought then about how he could sell the fruit. He also has thought about bottling the water by him and selling that. 

We had walked probably 5 miles to his cabin(only took 1 to get back lol). Remember, we’re flatlanders. While we were walking he told me all these great stories about the area. He said he had his own collection of arrowheads and rocks which I asked to see when we got to his cabin(they were cool). He told us how there are petroglyphs nearby. He told us about the many caves. He all the sudden said he was treasure hunting and of course my heart stopped again lol. He was talking about those caves. He said there’s great stories he’s heard from his grandfather when he was young about the Indians and the people of the area and how they would hide things in the caves. He said he’s found arrows etched into the boulders that obviously are there to take you somewhere. Of course it made me wonder if Forrest did that and that’s why you can go in consecutive order right to the chest and why you might not need a map.

He told us about some of the families in the area. He said there’s a poor family he knew that have 16 dogs and 5 kids. He talked about how he felt sorry for the kids living in a situation like that. I thought how ironic it is to see this young guy who I’m feeling I wish I could help and he’s thinking of some other kids and how he could help them.  

He told us about his dad finding Indian pots while they built their cabin, but that they had sold them off years ago. His family lives nearby, and visits him once in a while. He said his dad is a pretty mean guy, because of his alcohol drinking. Keith said that he drinks too, but not so much. I’m thinking how I hope history doesn’t repeat itself. I was surprised by his knowledge of the area and I think he was too. I said he should give tours to flatlanders and he said that when he went to school no one liked him. I said well, I liked him and thought he had a lot of potential to do great things. I think saying that to a teenager is the best thing you can do. You could tell he had so much ambition. He talked about how other kids were just given new cars and he’s had to work for things. 

I’d like to keep a connection with him and maybe some how help him realize some of his dreams. Jeff and I used to volunteer with teens. We got to know this young guy back home in Chicago(we actually live in the country north of there) who was living with a single Mom, her boyfriend and 3 other siblings. We really got close to him and he became a part of our family. The boyfriend had hit him with a 2 x 4 when he was younger and he had to have part of his stomach removed. The boyfriend went to jail for a while, but came back. He would come to our house with his brother asking for food. This boy is now a man with the same girl he’s known since he was 12. They have a son of their own. They have jobs and a house. The Mom and the siblings are all on drugs. I know that being a part of his life was all he needed to see what he could be and what he could have.

Back to Keith….We took a lot of pictures that I wish I could share, but since some people can get information from the data embedded into them, I feel I can’t post them. I told him I’d like to get a photo with him and you could tell he was caught off guard. I think it took him aback a bit to think someone wanted a photo of him. We took one that was pointed towards his little cabin and then he said we should instead have one taken with the mountains behind us. Wasn’t that sweet that he thought about that? I told him what a special day it was for us and what it meant that he took the time to share so much. I gave him $20 and told him that he really should use it to start a tour business or for his fruit stand. I want to come back sometime when I can afford to and bring my girlfriend and her son, and my son. I teased him that I’d like to leave the boys with him so that he can re-train them to live off the land. He’s going to find a way to call me in June and I’m hoping by then I can afford another trip. By the time we got back to our car it was too late to continue our search…ok it really wasn’t…we’re just tired and weak and needed a hot shower and hot coffee lol. What a day I’ll keep forever in my mind. I have a few of those from this Chase. The relationships will always be my favorite part of the search. Till I find the gold. Then the relationships will be second…sorry guys ;-) *tease*

Here are a couple pictures from that day. 


A few pieces of his collection.

He's showing me one of his treasures.

He’s showing me one of his treasures.

The blazes or map the indians used.


Just a quick side note. We found out that Forrest was going to be at the Gold Show in Albuquerque the following day. There was no way I was going to miss a chance to say hi and I just so happened to have my book with me. It was already signed, but I thought he could maybe say something in it. So we woke up the next day really early and hardly able to make it out of bed without a heavy dose of ibuprofen and drove for hours just to get a chance. We had another surprise when we got there when we saw a couple other people holding their own books. I knew they must be “regulars”. I asked this big tall good looking guy if he could figure out who I was from online…yeah I guess I’m kind of obvious..was it the pink toenails? It was Ricky from the Oak blog. I also met Tim Nobody and his wife. They ended up inviting us out to dinner, but we had to go back and wouldn’t be back down till the next day and wouldn’t have the time. He said the invite is open…so maybe one of these days. Then of course we got a chance to see Forrest again which is always the highlight. He signed my book. So now it has two signatures. If I see him again, maybe I’ll have him sign it each time lol. I did have my typical end of search melt down, but I’ve recovered after getting a fix from Google Earth and the roads will soon open in YNP. *song in head* Happy Trails….to you…..

Guess who's feet????

Guess who’s feet????

Forrest talks about his Mom

I thought about waiting till Mother’s Day to post this, but I just love the message of her great attitude too much. The part where he talks about his Mom has a box around it. There are other people who talk about theirs as well.


Mother 1


Mother 2



Brrrr it’s chilly in here

So what is worth the cold?

I think worth the cold could be one of the most important clues. Why if your in the desert would it be cold? I mean if it’s in water…I guess. It just seems to me that cold seems like a negative thing the way it’s said and I would think it would be refreshing in that instance.

Bronzes per Forrest? I have wondered if it’s in a secret compartment inside a bronze like he talks about having the lids to the jars being a secret technique to do. He talks to the children about bronzes being cold.

If it’s worth the cold, then doesn’t that mean you can see it better when it’s cold? So maybe you have to go when it’s cold, but it’s been suggested not to go when there’s snow. So that leaves fall and spring. What happens then? That’s when the plants don’t have so much growth on them which might be hiding it?

Inside a damp cave?

Mountain water

Snow and ice? They aren’t always around.

Higher elevation? Could be a more directional thing and that might make sense.

Northern states? Same as above.

The name of something like a street or body of water that means cold?  Agua Fria?

Page 41 he talks about going to the cemetery when it wasn’t too cold. So maybe a cemetery is part of this.

Letter from Forrest about man arrested for digging

I have a letter from Forrest that I wanted to post here…It has to do with the man who was digging and was arrested for it….Here’s the original story about that.’s what Forrest says about it.
This essay went to about 4,000 archaeologists and anthropologists that belong to a bulletin board at U of NM.
This is going to get me in trouble but I have to say it. The following words have nothing to do with the treasure chest I hid, and they will give no hints or associations to its location.
Searching for hidden treasures in the mountains is enjoyable. It brings families together, it promotes bonding and it gets kids off the streets, out of the game rooms and away from their texting machines. During rough economic times, it provides hopes and dreams where otherwise they might be lacking. It is both healthy and mind expanding. And it utilizes the great outside for the purpose it was intended. I have 14,442 emails that have told me those things.
I am sorry that someone was arrested for digging a small hole in the ground. In the scope of world events, surely it should not have made the front page and NBC news. It is beyond me why anyone would want to prosecute that man. If I were his judge, I would fine him ten bucks and tell him not to do it again. What has happened to our basic senses? There are those who will tell me that I do not understand the problem, and they will be right, I don’t.
Let us put things in perspective and look at them from a different slant. There are 654,885,389 acres of land in the United States that are owned by the American people. That is what the federal government admits is “public property.” And the population of this great country is 313,914,040. After doing the math I learn that my allotment is exactly 2.086 acres.
Now, what if I wanted to secret a can of Dr. Pepper under a rock in the cooling waters of a rivulet somewhere in my allotted public acreage? If I did, I would not need to use all of my area, I would need just 7.5 fluid ounces and 90 calories of space. And I would still have about 2.08555 acres remaining. Seems fair to me but would I have broken the law? Yes or No? If yes, then let us change the law because who knows where that nonsense could end. If no, then why are we getting so excited about the little things?
Forrest Fenn
*this is me again…and my opinion*
This is why I think Forrest is so cool. He thinks for himself and he thinks with such common sense and he does something about it.  There’s an image of the man who was arrested and I chose not to use that link for the story, because it just breaks my heart to see it.  I imagine how embarrassed he was being in that situation and I’m mad that he shouldn’t have been made to feel that way. I mean handcuffs even???? That is beyond ridiculous that he needed to be handcuffed. What’s wrong with saying…oops, we don’t allow holes in our state. Let me help you fill that in Sir.